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Castlemilk Moorit Tops

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Castlemilk Moorit Tops

Castlemilk Moorit sheep are cute & feisty little things. The breed take their name from the Castlemilk estate in Dumfriesshire in Scotland, where they originated in the early 1900s. They have fine, kemp-free wool, which is mid honey brown (moorit is a Scottish word for brown). 

At one point in the early 1970s Castlemilk Moorit were reduced to only around 12 individuals and could easily have ‘disappeared’. In the past couple of years the breed has been downlisted from the ‘Endangered’ to the ‘Vulnerable” category : a big success!

The fleece of the Castlemilk Moorit is around 28 microns and the staple length is about 6 cms. The fibre is very easy to spin : pretty fine and soft.

Fibre Top Roving details

Weight per top: 100g / 3.52oz

Contents: Castlemilk Moorit 100% 

If you’d like to read or see more about Castlemilk Moorit, here’s a link to the IxCHeL blog.

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