Ashford Wheels & Looms

Here you can find all the favorites and the newest Wheels and Looms made by Ashford.  

All the Ashford Wheels, Carders & Looms are ordered by us and shipped directly from Ashford in New Zealand to your door. We do not stock the bigger items due to space constraints. If you would like to order an Ashford Wheel, Loom, Carder or any other product from Ashford not showing as available, please contact us and we can give you a time frame for it's availability. Ashford are always in a constant production cycle. We ado offer a payment plan on the larger items if not readily available at Ashford at time of order.   

If you would rather check out the Ashford site directly and get more info yourself, below are a few links to Ashford pages where you can find You Tube demos of Wheels and Looms in action.

If you have any questions about the purchase of Ashford products, please contact us and we'll get right back with all the details.