Charly, aka Ixchelbunny, learnt to knit, crochet, spin and weave from a very early age, surrounded by a fabulous fibre and yarn culture, inspired by her extremely creative Native American granddad, mum and grandmother. On the rare occasion Charly wasn’t spinning or weaving or knitting, Charly was seen with a pencil or a paint brush in hand.

Inspired by the Mayan people and cultures she spent a lot of time with during her Anthropology studies and fieldwork, Charly chose the Mayan Goddess IxCHeL (pronounced as “Ee-Shell”) always shown to hold a bunny in her arms, as the name for Charly’s fibre & art business : IxCHeL Art, Crafts & Design was born in 2004, when she finally settled down in Australia after roaming all over the world.

Charly has been dyeing, spinning, weaving, and grooming her Angora Bunnies since then in the Yarra Valley in Victoria, Land of the Wurundjeri people, and going to craft markets, Fibre & Sheep shows.  

Charly has been telling everybody a website was “coming soon” since 2010….(obviously TIME in the mind of the avid “Wibbly, Wobbly, Timey, Wimey Doctor Who fan, works differently from the rest of us….) but the time has finally come!

Don’t Blink! 

and most of all: 

Rabbit on !


Every week Charly also writes a blog, over 700 now, telling her stories, talking about the values of sustainability, rare breeds, fibres, yarns and, of course, …bunnies 🐰🐰

You can find Charly’s old blog here:  https://ixchelbunny.blogspot.com/

Paul aka The Bearded Dragon has been honing his skills on the lathe for many years, creating fibre tools in his Lair…..eh…shed.
Unlike most dragons, Paul doesn’t like to hoard, so he is selling his spindle and fibre tool treasures all over the world since 2014 at wool shows and on Etsy

Finally the Bunny and the Dragon have gotten their act together and you can now find both of them here at www.ixchel.com.au

If you want the extended version of who Charly and Paul are, where they have come from, and how they arrived here creating this website, you only have to explore the Ixchelbunny blog posts, with over 15 years of history! (Better get comfortable and get a few drinks and snacks ready 😉)

Don’t forget to browse this shop though! : There are lots and lots of fabulous, creative adventures to explore !

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