Navajo Spindles

Navajo Spindles are from the Native American Navajo/Dineh First Nation peoples. 
Ixchelbunny is part Native American and wanted to have a spindle that reminded her of how she learnt how to spin, having grown up surrounded by spinning, weaving and knitting.

Navajo spindles are a type of support spindle you can use sitting down, while rolling the shaft of the spindle on your thigh, adding twist to the fibre. This type of spindle can hold a LOT of yarn and is perfect to spindle fine or even thicker yarns with low twist to spin balanced singles, even art yarns ♥️

(The use of 'Navajo' is not intended to culturally appropriate from the Navajo Dineh People, but merely used as reference to it's origins as a type or style of spindle. Just as Tibetan, Russian or Mayan spindles are so named)