IxCHeL Fibre & Yarns LotBD Twist It Little Helpers Group Photo
IxCHeL Fibre & Yarns LotBD Twist It Little Helper Group Photo
Twist it Little Helpers
IxCHeL Fibre & Yarns LotBD Twist it Little Helpers crafted in Beech #1873
IxCHeL Fibre & Yarns LotBD Twist It Little Helpers Various made from Elm

Twist it Little Helpers

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Twist It Little Helpers

The 'Twist it Little Helper' is an orifice hook, WPI meter (gauge) and a spinning yarn parker. This hand turned 'Twist it Little Helper' is truly a multitasking tool to help you with your spinning.

As well as an orifice hook and WPI meter you can with the grooves 'park' your yarn when you have to stop spinning and you don't want your yarn to disappear back on the bobbin. Just hold your 'Twist it Little Helper' over your yarn and twist around the grooves in the handle.. and there you have it! It's Parked!

These are turned in many different timbers and the group photos are representative of the shape and style achieved with our "Twist it Little Helper's" Please use the drop down option to view the available choices, lengths and sizes vary slightly for each Twist It Little Helper.

All details are in metric.
#: is the item number. Each 'Twist it Little Helper' has been assigned an item number to help your purchasing decision.
W: the weight of each item ranges from 9 grams (Beech & Dark Poplar) to 20 grams (Purple Heart & Osage Orange). And of course somewhere in between!
D: the diameter are approximately 13/16 mm, you should be able to grip these very comfortably.
L: the length of the hooks average about 70mm and all total lengths average about 205mm. Some shorter, some longer.

If you love a handle but require a longer or shorter hook, no problems! Make your purchase and add a note of your requirements!

Can’t find a Timber you like for your 'Twist it Little Helper'? Ask for a custom order! Always Happy to Enable, Contact Us.

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