HoP on board the Stash Train
Stash codes are provided to customers who would like to ship orders together and combine their orders for a cheaper rate on their postage costs.
Stash codes are for combining orders into one (1) parcel for shipping and can be used multiple times subject to the conditions below:
Each Stash code is valid for one (1) person only and is not transferable to other customers.
Stash codes come in the form of a personalised discount shipping code to be typed in by you at time of check out in the "discount code" box. They are only valid for the purchase of IxCHeL-, LotBD-, and Landscape Dye- products. They are NOT valid for use with Ashford Products.
 The Stash code applies AFTER your first purchase for every purchase/stash cycle. The first purchase of every cycle MUST contain a shipping cost. This cost represents the shipping price based on your first purchase. It may not reflect the actual cost of shipping if any further purchases are made. It is up to you to manage the delivery of your orders and notify us either by email or by indication in the notes section at checkout that you wish to have your stash shipped.  We will contact you prior to shipping if we require further payment for extra shipping costs. We will not deliver your parcel until the outstanding funds for shipping costs have cleared, if required, into our nominated account.

Possibilities are as follows after your first purchase:

  1. You can order at any time using your stash code in the discount code section at check out, adding to your stash and not be charged additional shipping at time of purchase.
  2. You can order at any time, going to the check out, NOT using your stash code, so you can increase your shipping to the next weight level. This purchase will take another payment for the shipping. Please add a note at checkout to notify us of your intent to either 'Please Stash' or ‚ÄėPlease Ship‚Äô.¬†

Shipping your Stash:

Contact us to ship your Stash(es), Add 'Please Ship' in the notes section of an order or send us an email. We will advise you of the total shipping costs owed or to be credited. Any credit will be given as a store credit for your next order. This only applies to excess postage charges incurred by you. 

Cancelling Stashed Orders: 

You can cancel any orders held in your stash pile if required, however we will only refund the purchase price minus any costs, fees or charges incurred by us when you made the purchase. We also reserve the right to charge an administration fee and/or restocking fee. Please refer to these conditions for Cancelled orders.

How we pack your orders:

All orders are packed in tissue paper per order or other suitable packaging we may use at our discretion; use of packaging increases your overall parcel weight. So for 500 grams in weight you most likely can order four (4) 100-gram tops/skeins (and possibly one (1) 50-gram item). Any more than (3) three spindles will most likely incur extra postage charges. Orders of LotBD products require more protective packaging to keep your order safe and therefore adding more packaging weight to your overall order. The postage weight and costs incurred increase every 500 grams.
*This is not a guarantee of what can be added to your parcel but merely an indication of the possibilities. 

  Contact us here to discuss your Stash requests if you are unsure. 
We obtain the right to withdraw and/or cancel Stash codes at any time for any reason. All orders already made will be honoured and bound by the above rules.
Excess postage payments, if applied, can only be made via deposit into our nominated Bank account. We will provide the Bank details as and when required.
Store credit will be given in the form of a discount code if required, to be applied by you to your next order. Refunds, if required, will be paid to you in the same manner as your purchase.

Current Club Members have the opportunity to use Club Stash codes. 
Valid for ALL current Club Members. 
Please refer to those conditions if required.

Updated: 15th February 2024