IxCHeL Fibre & Yarns Ceramic Spindle Bowl group photo
IxCHeL Fibre & Yarns Ceramic Spindle Bowl  side on view
IxCHeL Fibre & Yarns Ceramic Spindle Bowl top view
IxCHeL Fibre & Yarns Ceramic Spindle Bowl  showing the beautiful Turquoise coloured glaze of the inside.

Ceramic Support Spindle Bowl

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Ceramic Support Spindle Bowl

Ceramic Support spindle bowls are great tools for any support spindler ! Small enough to slip into your bag when travelling. They also make great decorative pieces when you are not using them for spindle spinning, or you can even use them as a special sauce bowl !

The special spindle bowls have a flat base so you can use the bottom for support spindling.

Every Spindle bowl is hand made so there will be a possibility of slight differences in size, glaze and texture.

The Spindle bowls are hand thrown and made of 'Minoyaki' porcelain, fired at a high temperature and hand finished and then an extra glaze applied and fired at a lower temperature to get that crackle glaze.  It is easy to hold the cup secure on your legs while sitting down to spindle spin or you can place it on a table when you are spindle spinning. 

Spindle Support Bowl details

The diameter of the spindle bowl is 85mm/3.36" and the height is 30 mm/1.2”

The Spindle cup weighs 86 grams.

We are always adding new glazes to our repertoire and if you have any questions please, contact us here to discuss your needs.

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