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Drop Spindles

Drop Spindles

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Drop Spindles

Top Whorl & Bottom Whorl

From Lair of The Bearded Dragon

Drop Spindles are the fun toys, eh… Tools, for the Spindling Community! And no, just cause the name implies to drop them you really should avoid that!  We make a few types of Drop Spindles including Top whorl where the whorl is at the top! (sic) And Bottom whorl, well you know where they are! lol. The beauty of the bottom whorls is that they also double as a support spindle, so you kind of get 2 spindles for the price of 1! You have the hook at the top of the shaft and a fine tip at the bottom, so dealers choice! 

And dare we say it! They come in many different choices of timbers, as available. Stone Inlay is again a feature of Drop Spindles, and a limited few can have some pyro added for fun! 

So if you can't find the fibre tool your looking for please contact us to arrange for your very own drop Spindle.

For reference:

T/W means Top Whorl

B/W Bottom Whorl

D/S Drop/Support Spindle

D/- Drop Spindle

w/ with

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