IxCHeL Fibre & Yarns Manx Loughtan Tops Natural
IxCHeL Fibre & Yarns Manx Loughtan Tops Natural

Manx Loughtan Tops

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Manx Loughtan Fibre Tops

Manx Loaghtan originated on the Isle Of Man. It is a small, ancient hill breed. Originally white with some grey and black sheep but few of the reddish-brown colour we see today (the word 'Loaghtan' comes from the Manx for 'mouse brown').

Like many other heritage breeds, the Loaghtan was once popular but declined in the early 20th century. The breed was rescued by enthusiasts both on the Isle of Man and in Scotland (where these beauties on offer here come from), and is now popular as a conservation grazer because they will eat almost anything!

The breed is considered 'at risk' by the Rare Breed Survival Trust, with fewer than 1,500 registered breeding ewes.

Most Loaghtans have a medium staple length fleece, which in varying shades of brown getting paler with age, although they bleach to cream in the sun. The lambs are born black and generally achieve their particular shade of brown during the first year.

The fleece is very nice and soft with a staple length of between 70mm-100mm, around 22-28 micron. It is great to spin for close to skin wear or for outerwear as well. It has such an old world feel to it, almost ancient in a way. The top is just magic to spin up.

Fibre Top Roving details

Weight per top: 100g / 3.52oz

Contents: Manx Loughtan 100%

If you’d like to read or see more about Manx Loughtan, here’s a link to the IxCHeL Blog.

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