IxCHeL Fibre & Yarns LotBD Nostepinnes Group Photos Feb 23
IxCHeL Fibre & Yarns LotBD Nostepinne Inlaid with Howlite
IxCHeL Fibre & Yarns LotBD Nostepinne in Silky Oak #2032
IxCHeL Fibre & Yarns LotBD Nostepinne in Beech #1968
IxCheL Fibre & Yarns LotBD Nostepinne made in Reclaimed Cypress #2015
IxCHeL Fibre & Yarns LotBD Nostepinne in Cypress #1969
IxCHeL Fibre & Yarns LotBD Nostepinne in Dark Poplar with Natural Feature #1970
IxCHeL Fibre & Yarns LotBD Nostepinne in French Oak with Natural Feature #1972
IxCHeL Fibre & Yarns LotBD Nostepinne in Maple #2017
IxCHeL Fibre & Yarns LotBD Nostepinne in Silky Oak #2018


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Nostepinnes are a fabulous tool to make your own centre pulled yarn balls with and they are offered In Various Timbers! The weights and sizes vary slightly for each Nostepinne, please view photos to determine which Nostepinne is suitable for your needs and each has been assigned an item number to help with your purchasing decision.

We use a variety of timbers from both local and overseas. The choice of timbers we use depends on stock available at time of the update. If you would like a particular timber custom made, please ask!

A higher price compared to others listed may indicate 1 of 3 things. Either the cost of timber is much higher than normal due to it's exotic nature to our location of Australia, or we have added some highlights such as stone inlay to enhance a hole or knot etc. or that it has a Natural Feature like a gummy vein running thru it, a knot or marble effect which requires more time, patience and care to bring the creation to life! 

As every timber is hand turned, you never know what character lies hidden beneath its surface! As the layers peel away, like if it was an onion, only then does the timber reveal the history of its life! This OOAK approach does require more time, effort and materials to complete!

We have made this reference guide to the details included on the photos to help you with your purchase:
All details are in metric:
W: means weight in grams;
H/L: means Height or Length in millimetres;
D: means the diameter in millimetres.
The first number in the H/L represents the handle length, the 2nd represents the working length of the tool. Add those 2 numbers to get the approximate total length.
The first number in Diameter represents the tip of the tool and the 2nd represents the widest point on the working area closest to the handle.
All measurements are done with a tape measure and our not so trusty eye so please excuse us if we do get some slightly wrong from time to time! lol.

Can’t find a Timber you like for your Nostepinne? Ask for a custom order! Always Happy to Enable, Contact Us.

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