Expect excitement…

The sky was filled with electric excitement: I was running here, there and everywhere, getting the september clubs dyed and dry, getting loads of yarn prep done for this update and…..then the power went out for two days…obviously the grid could not handle nice weather, blue skies and absolutely no wind to speak of.  Unfortunately I have no technical engineering gene that can make something to harness  the electricity in the sky and the sunshine into something I can use. And no, before you ask me: no we do not have solar power …yet…working on it..but I need to sell an enormous amount of yarn and fibre to be able to pay for that…. I think I’ll have a better chance winning the lottery…lol but I am hopeful and inventive enough so I could make lots of things happening, despite the badly timed power interruptions. If anything, living in rural areas, you learn to improvise and get on with it. So I did.

The one thing that I could not operate without any electricity was our big carder to make the art journey batts, so the shipment of all the September clubs is now set for Monday September 18th. Remember that this September club shipment is the last club shipment of this quarter and if you’d like to continue to receive the monthly art journey parcels, please go to the shop and sign up for the next clubs starting in October here: https://ixchel.com.au/collections/clubs

Now what is happening tonight? Well, I don’t know about you but I have been getting super excited about the next knit along organised by the fabulous Stephen West “West knits MKAL Geogradient”. I have been thinking and dyeing some inspiring gradients for you, ranging from Earth, Sky, Ocean, Forest, Wonderland and Magic Coven.

I’ve been inspired by my surroundings and experiences just in case you were wondering. In case you were wondering what my favourites are? Magic Coven is my nr one, followed by Forest and Wonderland.

I have been putting some video reels on my Facebook and Instagram socials, if you’d like to check out and get an idea where the yarn has been drying and where my inspiration came from.

I am very, very fortunate to be surrounded by so many birds, wildlife and magical trees. 

No matter what is happening that stresses me out..and believe me there are atm (not getting into that now…maybe later…) just being outside working and watching the wildlife always puts a smile on my face.

I don’t know about you, but I am going to put my feet up tonight, get some reading done, relax, before the bush , bush weekend of packing and labelling and carding all the September clubs. 
I wish you a fabulous weekend, filled with heaps of crafty fun!

big hugs



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