Let’s spin some Magic!

Sometimes I wish I had a magic wand to create more time..the days have just flown by and I hardly had time to do anything else but prepping, dyeing, spinning and feeding Bob…yes, Bob: I decided to start on my sourdough starter and bread making journey after the handknitters guild show and named my starter Bob…lol. I know I am super late to the party of sourdough bread making and I don’t really know what I am doing, but the starter …sorry I mean Bob…looks bubbly and happy so I think I’m going to try my hand at making a loaf this weekend. I’m a bit intimidated by the fact that making sourdough bread seems to take days..so I will let you know what happens… in the meantime I am going to keep making my “regular” yeast breads because , well, the masses need to be fed.

If the sourdough starter, Bob, performs well, I will upgrade him to King Bob 🤣

I have found an especially tasty nut bread recipe from Emile Henry’s Instagram page. Made it once (easy peasy) and it was a big hit…why mess with perfection eh?lol

Here’s a photo of that yummy bread:

for the recipe just go the Emile Henry Instagram page and look at their bread week recipes ! It’s well worth it!

Anyway! Magic is everywhere..not necessarily in creating time, but we can make all kinds of things from scratch, plain air plus some ingredients plus a lot of imagination. That goes for anything! Cooking, baking, spinning yarn !, knitting, felting, sewing. Whatever you do, you are creating something unique and special. The magic ingredients I believe are passion and love. 
have you ever found that when you are upset, or stressed or feeling very sick you cannot concentrate or make something? Well, I have…it takes a bit of calming yourself and find that little piece of quiet and magic, inside yourself. When you do…everything seems to fall into place. And, even more important than that: by spinning yarn or knitting or painting, doing anything you love doing, will make you feel less stressed! It’s like the gift that keeps on giving!

Here I am going on a tangent again … where was I? Oh yeah..I wish I had a wand to make more time! 
So, what has been going on? Lots! Of course..lol almost important things were getting all the May clubs dyed, carded, prepped (not necessarily in that order..lol), dry, labelled, packed, write up the art journey information sheets that go with the clubs and getting all the parcels ready with their shipping labels and then driving to the nearby post office to deliver that truckload of fluffy colourful happiness just in time for the Australia Post truck to get it on Board. That last bit happened early this morning! Yeah!!! A week late …for which I humbly apologise. Doing a big show that needed lots of prep and dyeing etc took a lot of time and unfortunately I still don’t have either that magic wand or the ability to clone myself ( not that I would ever want that! Too scary…lolol. )

I posted a teaser label on last weeks blog : Alphonse Mucha with his design for the poster Gismonda from 1894. I will share photos of all the May clubs in the course of the next week or so.

Next week I will be dealing with a mountain of fluff to prep and card for the June club, which will..I promise!!..be shipped as usual mid month and it will be AMAZING!

Please do keep an eye out for the June Club teaser label posts which will be appearing on my Facebook and Instagram pages next week!

so much to look forward to!!

For this weeks shop update I offer you Magic Bunny tops AND some freshly harvested angora bunny fibre tops :  I was in a magical mood plus it is getting pretty cold here (there is fresh snow, about 3cm, on mount Donna Buang and there will be more tomorrow). Here, a bit lower down, we only have very big, heavy drops of rain. I have taken a video..will have to share that with you later…

Don’t forget: sign ups for the third quarter (July, August, September) are open now!  

on a side note: I was totally taken aback this week by a comment on social media on one of my replies where I was showing off some sock yarn…A person more or less mentioned:  “i stay away from IxCHeL..coz of bunnies. I have bunnies and I don’t want them to be hurt”. Now you would think that after doing what I do for over 20 years , and dealing with all kinds of abuse and misinformation and downright harassment, mainly by people who believe in the things that Peta are saying about mistreatment of bunnies, that I would have gotten used to this. I obviously have not,because it hurts like hell when you get these kind of remarks slung at your face. I know it’s down to misinformation and the fact that people assume and not even ask, but yeah.. I have to keep explaining that “no bunnies were harmed getting their fibre. They get combed every day and have a haircut every three months while they are getting patted and given snacks”. Our animals are our family. Have a look at our logo! I am cuddling a bunny! I thought it would be a good idea though to put this message up on my blog again.

I always say: be critical but never assume, always ask if you have any questions ! 

Have a wonderful weekend! Let’s create some magic !


big hugs




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