March fluffy news and a dopamine fibre fix

It’s official: I have officially lost track of all time… people tell me it’s March and the second week of March at that, but somehow my mind (and body) thinks it’s almost Christmas already…I know, right?! What a year…lol

i have been going non stop, not really taking a break over the holidays last year so maybe that’s it? I dunno.. also, it’s hectic: I feel like for some inexplicable reason there are less than 24 hours in a day, maybe because I keep on stuffing them with lots and lots of things to do. I should keep reminding myself that no matter what, there will always be more things to do, more things to go on my endless list of to do stuff and less time to do them in before my next big market is on (the handknitters yarn market at the Merribek aka Coburg town hall on june 1st and 2nd). I have never been one to say to myself…it is what it is, whatever I have will just have to do, always pushing myself to do it all and more. I’m not quite at the stage of total anxiety ..yet..but I am definitely at a point where my exhaustion shows signs of exhaustion…lol

as this little cartoon from last month tells it all…

Not to worry: I think I may have a day off tomorrow doing nothing else but spinning and reading while the temperatures are said to rise to about 40degrees Celsius (way too hot to hang over the dye

Therevis exciting news though: more possum merino silk cashmere batts are in stock again after some major carding and blending sessions

PLUS fabulous new colour ways of Magic Tops, freshly dyed are available in the shop now as well! I love spinning these magic tops: soft and an amazingly nice sparkle of rainbow in every bit of fluff. 

It’s really hard to see the rainbow sparkle, but just get it outside and you will light up a room!

IxCHeL art journey club news: The March Clubs are getting their dye bath now and I will be revealing the teaser label on my social media pages over the weekend. It is going to be a very special one with a fun and fabulous back story as well! 

wishing everybody a fun weekend and happy crafting !

big fluffy hugs


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