Yakety yak!

It’s been almost a month between blogs! For years and years I have been consistently blogging every Friday at 8pm and it “only” took the upkeep of an online shop, social media marketing, emails and what have you to let me totally lose my medal in the consistency department.

And if that’s not the only thing: keeping lots of hand made and hand dyed fibre, yarn and spindles consistently stocked up, is proving to be extremely hard as well. In short: I cannot keep up!  Hilarious but true, I thought having an online shop and not going to weekly markets and lots of big shows would take the pressure off. Hilarious! Hilariously out of touch with reality you mean! Lol

Anyway, Paul has been nudging me to look into having a holiday, but at this point, even remotely looking into that proves amazingly hard. And yet, I always said to myself, if it is important you will find time. And that, proves to be hard as well. I think it’s to do with the fact that I have been so conditioned to working all the time, through everything: whether it be sickness, pandemics or even just hard times. My brain can’t seem to cope with anything that is not productive or creative. As soon as I sit down with a book for half an hour or even when thinking about having a relaxing bath, my mind goes in “guilty mode”…as if I’m a naughty kid doing something wrong! Am I the only one ? Do any of you experience that as well? You know, that guilty feeling of doing nothing..well, I mean something for yourself instead of working. It’s really strange and it’s obviously not sustainable or healthy. So, I had a relaxing bath last night, I read for an hour, but…I still am not closer to deciding where or when to take a holiday. If I don’t decide fast, Paul will rebel I’m sure and I can’t have a rebelling bearded dragon on my hand..lol

Anyway, no time to relax yet because in a months time there’s a fabulous market I will be attending and I still have about 30 kilos of yarn to dye, numerous yarns to spin and dye, oh! And a May club to dye and ship out…. If I was organised enough to abide by lists, I’d be freaking out….!

so, the whole house is currently filled with drying yarns and  fibres and a manic bunny, me, trying to do all the things all at once🤣 

The April clubs have been shipped two weeks ago so it’s about time to show you all the photos: 

The May clubs are currently being prepped and getting ready for a dyebath ! The teaser for the May club will be posted on my social media over the weekend so keep an eye out!

This week I have some amazingly soft and rich chocolate …. Yak tops for sale ! Check them out in the “what’s new” section on www.ixchel.com.au  

Also: new tulip wood and beech twist it little helpers aka orifice hooks with a WPI gauge.

plus NEW anniversary products sale : Stitch markers!

you can find them all on the IxCHeL website in the what’s new section!

well, this bunny is off to cook some dinner and feed the hungry masses before I have a revolution on my hands!

wishing everybody a fabulous craft and fun weekend!

Let the adventures begin !

big fluffy hugs


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