12 Days of Xmas Day 12
12 Days of Xmas Day 12
12 Days of Xmas Day 12
12 Days of Xmas Day 12

12 Days of Xmas Day 12

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2 DAYS of XMAS - Day 12

Grand Finale 2023 with TWO fabulous offers !!

Happy 12th of December and welcome to the “Special 12 Days of Christmas” ❤️🎄🐰🎄❤️

Today the “12 Days of Christmas” offerings are not one, but TWO very special offers ! 


a special lush and silky blend fibre BUNDLE : TWO surprise special luscious silky and soft 100g tops, a luxurious IxCHeL angora bunny top AND a special Xmas Gift 🎁  

There are only a limited quantity of sets available and the special price per set is $40. The regular price of all these tops are normally $59, so that is a $19 discount!



GOTHIC TOPS : a 500 gram weight “croissant” 🥐 (aka bump) of black superfine merino merino, mulberry silk (70%/30%) tops PLUS a special 🎄 gift.

This blend is absolutely amazing to spin and luxurious to knit and crochet with, stunning to wear. Felts beautifully as well ! Price of this “Gothic Croissant” is $100, normal price of these gothic tops would be $140, so that is a saving of $40 !!


Don't forget to mention 'Please Stash' in the notes section of your first order if you would like us to hold it for the whole or part of the 12 Days of XMAS. We'll send you a code for the remainder of the 12 days. (Oops time has almost run out! :) The event special offers are only open til midnight 11:59:59 AEDT on the 12th of December!)

So, if you are very very late for this important date, we can still send you a code so you can snaffle some other bargains that are still available from the other days or you can shop the multitude of products available in the rest of the IxCHeL shop.

The 12 days of Christmas event is all about getting a great deal for yourself, but you will also be helping fund the fight for survival of many wildlife species.  Thank you so much for your support   10% of the sale price will be donated to Healesville Sanctuary/Zoos Victoria for their amazing work in wildlife conservancy.

Zoos Victoria runs and delivers more captive breeding and recovery programs than any other institution within Australia. Their people are passionate and focused on the conservation of our wildlife for future generations.

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