A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the Forum....

I have started to write this blog post and organizing everything a bit earlier this week,  because I tell ya, last week was a night filled with panic ! So, what happened I hear you say?

Well, the week before doing the website for the second time I forgot to publish the blog at 8pm on my old blogspot address and only just remembered it after 7 minutes past 8pm…so I thought the week after: “Not this time!” . Good intentions and all of that eh? lol

Last week turned out to be super rushed though, because I only gave myself about half an hour to write the blog since, surprise surprise, I wanted to finish all the plying of the angora yarns and taking photos so I could put them live on the online shop….Yep, yep, hurry hurry ..done…done…

Paul helped me put those fab looking new Gothic blend tops up on the website photos, technical stuff and quantities , so he told me, and come 8pm it was all going to be going LIVE automatically. I did not even have to press a button or anything!!! Beauty !! I thought while I was still tapping away on my keyboard trying to get everything on the blog lined up.

8pm comes….and I am ready! Press the button for the old blog site  to go live and just a final check I did not make too many typos….and then…………..

I panicked, because: I went to the online shop at 7 minutes past 8pm to, you know, just check that everything was going okay and I saw : THERE WERE NO QUANTITIES AVAILABLE for any of the new tops !!! So…..immediately I thought: OMG OMG !! he must have forgotten to add the available quantities to the website. It's going to be a disaster!! No one can buy anything, leave and I'm stuck with ten kilos of fluff ! Oh the disaster !!!!!!! eh..yeah....I am a glass half full kinda person but with a fabulous ability to talk myself down.... LOL

 I shrieked (and I normally am not the shrieking kind…lol):”Paul did you put the available quantities on the new tops? !!!!???” and I started to attempt to change the quantities until Paul said “ Don’t you change anything !!!!! do you have any idea you already have I don’t know a huge amount of  orders come in??!!!!”

My chin dropped on the floor and my eyes became the size of platters....while I stuttered...:  “eh, no! I did not look at orders and nobody is messaging me….”, I mumbled.indecipherable things as well, not to  be repeated.....

Well of course nobody is messaging me at the speed of light like they used to anymore, because it is all going AUTOMATICALLY  doesn’t it??? LOLOLOL

I did not know whether to laugh or fall on the floor kicking myself on how stupid I was to panic the way I did….so…I did both…LOLOL Sigh…what a night….lol Safe to say I am still getting used to having a website….rofl

Good thing I had a whole weekend to recuperate, which I spent doing lots of dyeing and preparing the goodies for this update of the week. The September clubs are also almost ready and will be shipped next week. It was  very , very busy..... again !

Oh and another thing to give everybody an insight into the workings of my brain: Now that I have a website and everybody can come in and buy something when THEY want to and browse to their hearts content..I feel I have to do more....dye more, offer more fluff and yarn...all the things!  So what Paul imagined to be something to help me settle down a bit, let me have more time to do other things like painting, water colour, design and, unimaginable in  my universe, go away and do something else like get together with some friends, has had the total opposite effect. Because you know, that's how my brain was trained by me, the world's worst boss...rofl    Again, I need to so get used to the new website and tell myself :"You are enough" without pushing myself off the cliff of overwork and burnout. I guess I have an addictive personality: everything in abundance or not at all. There is no in between....yeah, I have to work on that! Big time.

In the mean time: not only do I have a new hand dyed blend Blue Faced Leicester Cashmere Silk tops for you to spin and cuddle...I also have new fabulous Kid Mohair Silk Merino Lace yarn AND...because you know..it's never enough...I wanted to offer you some more of the new handspun luxury yarn as well....Photos later on :-)

Like I said : For this update I dyed up 7 colour ways for you on a fabulously soft and silky Blue faced Leicester Silk tops and you can browse through all of them on the website (www.ixchel.com.au) and go to the What’s new section: you cannot miss it.

Apart from these new hand dyed tops to spin your own yarn, I also have some pretty fluffy yarns again for you: Kid Mohair Silk and Merino yarn. This lace weight fluffy and super soft yarn is excellent to knit on its own but it is also amazing to knit together with the IxCHeL Tweed or the IxCHeL Sock yarns, which will give it an incredible halo !

I have 6 solid colourways available and 1 hand painted forest nymph colourway. You will be amazed at the softness and beauty of these. All the kid mohair silk yarns have an amazing 200-210 meters per 25 grams , so they go a very , very long way ! I love the way these lace kid mohair silk yarns blend with the hand dyed sock yarns, not only making them extra fluffy with a halo but also adding an extra depth of colour. You can make the base colour appear darker when adding a darker colour of the kid silk lace or lighter, adding a, ivory or pastel colour to your base yarn. You can add the kid silk lace a few rows and then leave it out for a few rows for different textural effects as well: anything goes !

More hand dyed and variegated kid silk merino lace yarn will come next week, just as soon as they are dry.

 Here are some of the colours of the new lace yarn you will find on the shop tonight in the “what’s new” section.

And, if that is not enough for a week: There are new hand dyed and hand spun luxury yarns as well ! Enjoy :-)

The IxCHeL Art Journey club sign ups for the next round starting in October are still open until the end of September or until the quotas are reached ! So, if you want to be part of some awesome fun and receiving a yarn, batt or fibre lovingly hand dyed and inspired by a unique artwork : Please sign up ! You will receive a fluffy parcel every month with an extra surprise too !

Have a wonderful crafty weekend !

Big hugs


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