Darkness makes Stars Shine Brighter

What a whirlwind of a week again: Lots of dyeing, LOTS of spinning and also heaps of research and development for exciting things to come..I hope !! There are so many ideas I like to share with you but I will have to keep my mouth shut….not because I want to keep the tension going but because well, as withy everything R&D related , the science may not work, something might go wriong and I will end up with nothing. Unlike this week!!! This week was awesome: For all of you who have followed me for a long time: I have had about two different Gothic Blends. Why? Because I LOVE GOTHIC (I AM A COLOURFUL Goth myself…lol)and I love black but I also love colour. So I started out with a blend a looooong time ago with black silk, blended with white and grey merino and bunny and Tencel. Ticked all the boxes of being nice but it was just a tad too…eh…colourful. I needed something with a BANG! Then I thought up Galaxy Bunny with the deep black wool blended with sari silk.. Great ! but the silk was too..eh….muted for what I had dreamt of. Still a super nice awesome blend (see those hop for more of that) but yeah, I wanted a BIG BANG of colour and shine combined with a deep dark black . And that’s when this Gothic blend was born. I hope you will all like it as much as I do.
I did a little test skein, because you never really know how a top spins up until you do: and I was blown away with how much depth and darkness and light and colour it had ! Spins up gorgeous as a lace weight (my test skein was 9grams with a meterage of 65meters: laceweight).

After that going well, I dyed up about 10 colourways for you to browse through on the website (www.ixchel.com.au) and go to the What’s new section: you cannot miss it…lol .
I also blended some pretty amazing fibres this week from our angora bunies together with mink, yak, silk and cashmere to spin some heavenly yarns for those of you who do not spin. They can out as a 4ply/fingering weight and with quite a lot of meterage . So Smoochy soft it should be illegal…lol 
Also, The IxCHeL Art Journey club sign ups for the next round starting in October are open now ! So, if you want to be part of some awesome fun and receiving a yarn, batt or fibre lovingly hand dyed and inspired by a unique artwork : Please sign up ! You will receive a fluffy parcel every month with an extra surprise too ! 
And : don't forget there is TWEED YARN, sock yarns, angora yarns and lots of different tops  and so , so much more on the online shop !!!!
Go check it out! It’s fun to hop around and look at all the fluffy goodies! You may even be tempted to add something to your cart !
Have a wonderful and creative weekend !

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