A Yarn Extravaganza!

A skein of yarn pretending to be a bird sitting on a hand being fed seeds but about to fly off!

Happy Friday everybody! What a week it has been again! I am slowly but surely getting over my flu. This one has really set me back a week at least but I can see a silver lining appearing at the end of the tunnel…or is that a mixing of two metaphors?! Lol I’m so good at that kinda thing🤣

I have finished dyeing the august clubs finally, with a weeks delay to get them shipped out. I am so, so sorry about that! My sincere apologies to all club members. After getting the August clubs shipped out next Monday, I will immediately start dyeing the September clubs, so keep your eyes open for a teaser label for that one with some more information about the artist of September! I can tell you right here that it is a very mesmerising piece of art! But, you will know more very soon! Promise!

Skein with lights held in a hand

Another very exciting thing to mention that finally we have received a long awaited delivery of our sock yarn that is especially spun for us by a local mill. We ordered way back in January, but had to wait til now for the huge amount of yarn to be ready! It is so worth it though and I am so happy to announce, because of this shipment I decided to put a BIG SALE on for our hand dyed sock yarn of existing older colourways we have in stock now, to make room for new exiting colourways! PLUS: I can offer you a few kilo cones of sock yarn as well ! Fabulous if you want to dye your own or if you have a big project! The cone price and the skein sale prices are not to be missed, so don’t wait too long!

with the weather here being super wet and pretty chilly, I think it’s time to put your feet up over the weekend and have some knitting fun ! You can find me close to the wood fire for sure, spinning and knitting..well, not at the same time🤣 

I have lots of custom orders of handspun angora yarns to do, so the wheel will be purring and so will I.


have a wonderful weekend everybody and next week, you can look forward to a brand new offering of something very special! Shhhh…not saying anything…..yet!

To go to the Yarn Sale Extravaganza please click here: https://ixchel.com.au/collections/whats-new

big hugs


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