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Well…I suppose I should have known: buying a 12pack huge box of tissues was just an invite to get the flu 🤣 I wonder what happens if I stock up on toilet paper?…no, please don’t tell me…I don’t wanna know🤣  instead, I have to put my feet up and get lots of rest and soup into

This week I did over-do it a tiny bit I think: prepped and dyed a huge custom order of a few kilos, spun and dyed lots of yarns, dyed more sock yarns for a restock of the shop, prepped and dyed more gothic and Romanov tops , also in new colourways, to restock the shop and , of course, started blending, prepping and dyeing the August club fibres and yarns! All in all, a “mere” 50 kilos of fluff and yarns not even mentioning the wallaby and possums batts I did “on the side”…

you can find the Romanov tops e stock and gothic tops restock right here:

Apart from needing lots of sleep and a lot of tissues at the moment and soup, I still have my sense of humour, which is a good thing, but I do not have an excess of a lot else needed to function at my normal energiser bunny self…. 
This unfortunate turn of events means that the club parcel shipping will probably be delayed a few days..  I will keep you informed on my socials of course! 

I uploaded a little video to give you some more information on the artist of this month, here’s the link if you’d like to see more : 



Just in case you missed the teaser label for August clubs, here it is
August club teaser label “fine feathers” by Laura Knight.
Next week, I will hopefully have a little bit more to say and hopefully still have some tissues left 😜
have a wonderful weekend and lots of fun ! 
big hugs


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