Carpe Diem..Carpe Filum (seize the day..seize the yarn)


Spring has finally sprung here in the Yarra Valley: the bulbs are jumping out of the earth showing off their blooms, the lilac is blooming and all the flowers are coming out , flaunting their wares. As usual I have been inspired by all of this and more to dye a blend I have just made : Rapunzel. A super soft top with some added gold bling fit to feature in a fairytale ♥️

I have added new colourways and I hope you like them: ranging from pumpkin sparkle to tulip mania and electric dreams.  Here are some inspirational photos to show you how I dream up these colours to come together: 

Kingfisher bird compared to handdyed tops
Knitted koivua jumper from boylandknitworks in electric dreams colourway

Night time birch forest

Theer are so many inspirations all around us….so much little time!And, the Stephen west MKAL is almost starting in October! So I have dyed up another gradient ! I thought it would be great to have a more witchy, halloweeny kind of gradient since the mkal is in October!! Why not go total witchcraft!!

Here is the witchcraft geogradient on offer here : 

Geogradient yarn set from light speckled purples to absinthe lime greens to raspberry pink to witchy bright purples

Paul has made some beautiful spindles again: inlaid with Turquoise or Gaspeite stone and two amazingly beautiful Osage orange ones . Support spindles and drop spindles ! So, please check them out on the website if you like to spin on some very special spindles ♥️

 Turquoise inlay support spindle

 It’s been extremely hard to keep myself “together” to write this blog post while I am also in a puddle of a mess. I just was told of the passing of one of my close and dear to my heart friends Erika. She was the most kind, passionate, compassionate and loving human beings I have been privileged enough to be around. The loss of such a dear friend is still extremely raw and I feel for her beautiful family and so many friends in the spinning and knitting community that she has touched with her kindness.
Always, she  will always be part of my heart, my inspiration, my smile, my world. I will so miss her in this world. I wish there were more people like her and will cherish her memory for as long as I live ♥️

Carpe diem my friends and Carpe filum ♥️ life is too short: spend it on doing things you love and sharing it with those who love you ♥️




big hugs



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