Hopping to Halloween 🎃

Frankenfluff blend all spun up into singles on a bobbin

Memory is a weird thing: for the first time in a long time I cannot remember being so busy, chaotic, flailing like Kermit the frog AND trying to get things done at the same time, while failing to do 1. My Inktober inking and drawing exercises from day one! And 2. Not even managed to ball up my geogradient set (I chose the Witchcraft geogradient 😉 see below) to start the 14th Westknits MKAL Geogradient knit along ! 

I do not want to get to a point where I say to myself on both counts : “oh well, too late now! I’m running behind so much, I might as well not do it at all”….  That’s the thing isn’t it? Falling behind… missing out…not able to get all the things done you have to get done before you even get to the fun stuff…You know how it is!

and social media does not help! We seem to be surrounded by super human beings who are not only creating the most amazing work but are so fast at it as well!  Solution: Never, ever compare yourself to others and go at your own pace! 
easier said than done, I know, but still..don’t let those pesky devils on your shoulder tell you anything…they’re lying! 😜 Just do it at your own pace.

So, what have I been up to? Well, it seems I’ve not done a lot..at least not in my mind… I’ve blended fluff, I dyed fluff, dyed custom orders, prepared the October clubs, done all the admin that goes with organising anything…lol, took care of all the hungry demands of  animals and humans around me..hey! I even went to the doctor…not my favourite pass-time because as soon as I see a gp…it’s never the same bloody one and they look me up and down and go “you have to take better care of yourself ! You should be in hospital!” To which I say nothing and think… “ you have no idea what zombie witch you are talking to, got too much to do”… honestly, some doctors REALLY have NO idea how to talk to patients/visitors. This one in particular should have a warning sign on his door saying “come see me if you want high blood pressure”.  Anyway, October is going to be fun: another “nice” re-organising my essential motor (let’s call it heart maintenance) plus the real fun stuff (and I mean that): dyeing all the October clubs this weekend and getting everything ready to ship late next week…I say that with lots of hope because the weather has and will be extremely wet and cold..again…yes, we have the fire on again! Can you believe it? 

Fornthose of you who do not follow my socials and therefore have missed the teaser label of the October Art Journey club: here it is!

Seven sisters painting my Alison Munti Riley teaser label for the art journey club October

I wanted to show case her fabulous work, not only because she is a wonderful artist, but also because on the 14th of October, with the Referendum in The Voice, I hope all Australians will vote for hope, love, listening & learning from First Nations People by giving them a voice. 
It seems that there is so much misinformation by bots, conspiracy theorists, right wing political factions that are sowing doubt and fear into the minds of so many. It’s sad and it puts so much emotional pressure on everybody involved.  When you have a choice between hope or fear: always side with hope. 

Here is Alison at work: 

Alison Munti Riley at work

So, what’s new this week? Ooooh lots of new exciting fluffy things! Mind you, not the exciting new fluffy things I had planned but are still drying …remember? : it’s super wet and cold…brrr

So, plan B went into action, which was planned for next week!..see: Always have a plan B!

For this years Halloween I planned my Frankenfluff blend tops and oh wow! Are they amazing! There’s a LOT more silk and super soft merino in the mix than previous batches and all the different colourways look awesome. Frankenfluff is easy to spin, thoroughly blended tops AFTER they have been dyed. This results in a tweed-like yarn (see top photo) with heathery colour changes throughout your yarn. Of course the colourways are inspired by classic horror movies like Frankenstein, Poltergeist, the Exorcist, Wolfman and more….to celebrate the upcoming Halloween. You don’t have to wait to spin Frankenfluff tops for Halloween, you can spin them any time of year…lol

Also, all the Halloween fibre treat parcels have been shipped out this morning ! Yeah!  Here’s a little peak into what everybody who ordered them can look forward to😉

Parcel packed in teh shape of a monster with googlyeyes and fangs

Oh and before I forget: I have also dyed some more Cashmere Fling tops! You can find all the new fluffy stuff in the Whats new section in the IxCHeL shop !

Have lots of fun this weekend! Do what you love to do ♥️

Big hugs


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