Do what you Love and do it often

little soay sheep on top of a hand dyed fibre top

Sometime you look back and think to yourself that time moves way too fast because there is no way that you can fit all the things you need to do into the hours of the day or the week. I have been like that for ages. I always thought time was running out and in a way of course it is...without becoming too BUT, I do believe that time somehow moved a lot slower when I was in my teens and that I did a lot more apart from going to school ! I painted lots of paintings, learned heaps about all kinds of things that at the time, totally took all my attention like mythology, history, dinosaurs, why did this happen and how did it happen, music...Oh! don't get me started on music: I learnt how to play the piano, guitar, sing and even wrote songs...played in bands...and more !

I went everywhere and the future was magical, hey, even the present was filled with it!  And now? Well, I am still all that : looking and learning new things but I feel like lots of my time is filled with work, taking care that everybody is fed and taken care of. Time seems to move faster and I can get less things done. My guess is, it's all the "grown up" responsibilities that take away time like a black hole: sucking up heaps of energy.  Time can be filled with so many things! and we can MAKE time to do fun stuff ! "Just for the fun of it ! 

You know they say "Time flies when you are having fun" ? Well, I think that is an absolute lie. Don't believe that conspiracy theory! I think Time moves slower when you are having fun! Think about it ! When you are doing something you absolutely do not like it seems like it takes aaaaaaaaages ! see ! Theorem proven !

My remedy is: Do the things you love to do and do them often !  

Tonight I obviously am on this Time rant because of the Blend I have on this Fridays Update: The Outlander tops, inspired by the time travelling heroine Claire Beecham written by Diana Gabaldon and also the tv series. If ever there was a blend I absolutely love AND was inspired by Time and Time travel it is this. I conjured up a blend of Soay sheep from Scotland blended with a some gorgeous super soft Cashmere and Angora and TWO types of Silk plus an extremely luscious super soft merino.

It is not only the luscious softness that I love but also the subtle natural caramel to fawn colours in the natural fibres all blended together. I chose to blend them more than 4 times on the gill machine (that is the machine that blends all the fibres together) to make a homogenous and very easy to spin blend.

The dyeing of a blend that has this variety of different colours, also makes for an extremely interesting dye process! You will receive a subtle difference in tonal values and colours. When you dye this blend opposed to dyeing a white natural fibre. The silks in this also make colours pop and literally shine. If you would ask me which fibre blends I make are my favourites, this Outlander blend would definitely be in my Top 5.

I have been doing this blend for a while now and to know more about the Soay sheep and their fabulous ancient history I am going to put a link in here you can click on. It will take you to one of my older blog posts when I did not have the website yet. Every time I do a blend btw, there goes a lot of research into every aspect of it and you can read all about it on my blog here:

soay sheep lamb in front of Lallybroch in Scotland

For some other news: The March Clubs are getting their dye bath and will be ready to ship later next week! I have already put a post up on my facebook and Instagram page with the teaser. Please follow me on Instagram where I am @ixchelbunny so you can see on a day to day basis what I am up to !

teaser label of the ixchel art journey club march 2023

Don't forget that March is the last month of this first quarter of club parcels if you are a club member. There is no automatic sign up so if you would like to keep receiving your monthly parcels please go the IxCHeL shop and click on clubs in the menu. This of course goes for all of you who are not club members as well :) There is an added bonus when you are a club member because you can shop and add your goodies to your club parcel so you will not be charged shipping ! Bonus !

There are lots of new blends coming up for future updates, and because I am also preparing for the Handknitters guild show in May, heaps of YARN shop updates will come up soon as well!

It is all happening !!!

Wishing you all a magical weekend filled with lots of FUN FIBERY adventures!

Big hugs


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