Handdyed top in the colourway gobble gobble

All of a sudden everything around me is yelling out Christmas: all the advertisements, all the shops and tv ads, everything has started shouting Christmas and I have to say.. I am still stuck in Halloween mode..lol I mean, when did it get Christmassy in Mid November?!? I’m not ready!!! And there’s so much to do! I’m hyperventilating just thinking how much needs to be done. Let me sum it up for you :

1. The November clubs were just shipped out and I have to dye the December clubs right away because of Australia Post Xmas shipping  deadlines, which means the December club needs to leave here,packed and ready to go before the end of November! 

2. The weekly updates are still going as well, so that’s extra…and,

3. the big yearly IxCHeL fundraising “twelve days of Xmas”- event starting December 1st until December 12th is getting closer and closer, so more to organise and dye and get ready! (More info on that even coming soon!) 

in short, I need a bit more time…lol  One of these days I will get my hands on a TARDIS/Time machine DeLorean….

Apart from that I’ve had a bit of a melt down…both physically and mentally…physically because blending, dyeing, schlepping wet fibres and yarns around is killing my back and of course I don’t know how to stop, which doesn’t make it easier. Then, in pain, I am more susceptible to those pesky devils yelling in my ears that times are super tough and I have to do more and sell more and somehow get more likes and sales ..and…yes.. not good. If there is anything I (should’ve) learnt after almost twenty years of doing this, is NOT to compare myself to anybody else, not to listen to social media bs that all the “influencers” are peddling and are absolutely not necessarily linked to reality. Everybody is different..thankfully!  It’s tough but hey, I am one of the lucky ones: I’m still here ! That is what I am always telling myself to get rid of the bad voices…doesn’t always work, but then I remember I have a sense of humour and that makes the negativity disappear. 
I think I will have to put all my “running a small craft business”  adventures into a novel sometime, when I have time…insert hysterical laughter…lolol

Anyway, what was I saying? Oh yeah… tonight’s fabulously soft update!! I am super happy about this blend, which I haven’t put out there a lot apart from some clubs. I always thrive to create blends that are soft, lush and a bit special. This blend on show tonight is a mix of super soft 18micron huacaya alpaca blended with superfine merino and a big dash of mulberry silk. All of this is blended thoroughly to ensure easy drafting  and spinning. If you are a felter: it is absolutely amazing to felt too! By blending merino and alpaca together it results in extra soft and a tiny bit fluffy yarn or fabric with memory. 
Wool has memory, alpaca far less so and some people have experienced a “falling or dropping”:of garments they have knitted because of this. Well, you will not have any problems with this blend. Because it is so well blended with the super fine merino, which has a memory (I don’t mean it remembers what you have been doing and tell tales, no, I mean after wearing and washing, your garment will remember their original shape). The mulberry silk adds a pearlescent luxury and shine to it all, resulting in a beautiful yarn you can use for anything: shawls, jumpers, socks, hats, dresses even or why not a skirt?

I have had lots of fun dyeing this blend and it took the dye beautifully, resulting in saturated colours. I have dyed different colourways that hopefully lots of people with different tastes will love, ranging from romantic and dreamy to autumnal and ..let’s not forget purples and blues!

Here are a few examples and you can find them all right here in the what’s new folder (or just go to the Machu Picchu blend in the search function) : https://ixchel.com.au/products/machu-picchu

Machu Picchu blend gobble gobble

Colourway: gobble gobble

Machu Picchu colourway: Romantics

colourway: romantics

Machu Picchu wicked autumn

Colourway Wicked Autumn

Machu Picchu wizards

Colourway Wizards

Machu Picchu ice forest

colourway Ice Forest

Machu Picchu gothic velvet

Colourway Gothic Velvet

Machu Picchu rhapsody in blue

Colourway: Rhapsody in blue

Machu Picchu water dragon

Colorway Water dragon

Machu Picchu silver grapes

Colourway silver grapes 

I can hear you say..is that all?No! Of course not! There is more! Paul has made some amazing chalice lap owls to make your support spindling magical and easy. They are all gorgeous but the purple heart one is super special. I will add a short video of how it shines to my social media so you can have a look at the shimmer and shine ✨ 

Chalice lap bowl purple heart lair of the bearded dragon

Well, that’s it from me for now: so much to do, so little time! Oh yes, before I forget!! I will add a post with the December club teaser label over the weekend on my social media AND remember: sign ups for the next quarter of art journey clubs are open now on the website here: https://ixchel.com.au/collections/clubs

please let me know if you have any questions, custom dye or spin requests: always happy to help and enable. Just email me or message me on my social media!

have a wonderful crafty weekend!

big hugs


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