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Poppy fields colourway on magic tops

The week that I am blending and dyeing the art journey club of the month is always extra, extra busy, because I still somehow have not managed to dye Friday blog updates ahead of know, be ahead of the game…nope, not me…always the chaos bunny, hopping from one thing to another. I’m great at multitasking though but planning ahead of time seems to be lacking…lol  mind you, I was the same at school and University: deadlines seem to invigorate my sense of timing..especially when they are threatening to whoosh past. Somehow I get extra energetic right about the time that the deadlines are about to hit and so here I am, typing away on this blog five minutes before I should press “publish” and hope for the best. One day I hope I get it all under control, get the Nobel Prize for best planner in the history of planning activities …I won’t hold my breath…I’ll be happy if I remember to eat and drink, but that’s another story 🤣

Here’s a little pre view of the first base of the yarn dyeing (before the final glazing and finishing) based on Canadian painter Emily Carr of her  painting “Vanquished” from 1930. I can’t wait to show you photos of the fibre, batt and the yarn club, but that will have to wait a bit. I will post on social media with a teaser as soon as the November clubs are shipped next week and about a few weeks later I will post the overview.

Painting yarn based on a painting by Emily Carr

Teaser label of the November art journey club

Looking at all the advertising and the organisation of the grocery stores Christmas is around the corner. How did that happen?!! It was just July a week ago it seems …lol  Which brings me to two things I have to discuss with you:

1. The twelve days of Christmas event is coming ! The annual fundraising event,  December 1st til December 12th at noon. Put it in your calendar! As usual I will post on Instagram and Facebook every day at noon and the daily super offers will be available on the website at 12pm AEDT as well. It is a great way to get a fantastic offer on fibre, yarn, spindles and very extra special crafty stuff. Plus, 10% of sales will go towards a good cause. More on that later 💕

2. Art Journey Clubs 2024! I am already organising fabulous fibres to go towards these art journey clubs. Sign ups are open on the shop and you can already make sure you’ll receive a monthly surprise parcel based on a different inspirational artwork each month. Only a limited amount of spots are available so if you don’t want to miss out on a spinning or knitting adventure: don’t wait too long!

You can find all the information of all the Art Journey Club sign ups right here :


3. IxCHeL gift cards! It can be very hard to pick a gift even a crafty gift for someone so I’ve made it a lot easier: gift cards! You don’t even have to parcel it up and post it and hope it will arrive on time: gift cards are available instantaneously, emailed to you! Easy !

Here is the link to the IxCHeL gift cards :

So, what’s new for this Friday update? I have to admit for the last few weeks I just loooooved everything sparkly! Can’t help myself! Lol  last week with the DIVA tops with its gorgeous ice glitz sparkle and this week with a restock of my MAGIC tops with extra special rainbow dyed glitz blended very well throughout the blend. 

Magic tops are easy to spin and soft close to skin wear fibre blend with rainbow dyed fire star.
Fire star is man made fibre, a type of trilobal nylon. It refracts the light like a tiara in sunshine. When the sunlight hits your garment made with Magic tops, you will light up a room like a supernatural unicorn
🦄  in time for all your Christmas parties! Fabulous for magical, enchanting felting projects as well !

Fibre Top Roving details: Superfine Merino 70%, Rainbow dyed Fire Star 20%, Cashmere 10%

Lots of fun colourways, like happy rainbows, gorgeous lilacs and sumptuous poppy field reds.

Here is the link to get your magic on :

If you thought that was all you are wrong! The bearded dragon aka Paul, has been busy wood turning some absolute beautiful support spindles with inlay, a gorgeous Osage orange drop spindle, Nostepinne to make the most gorgeous centre pulled yarn balls and super special chalice lap owls to make your support spindling extra easy.

Here are some photos : 

Turquoise inlay purple heart spindle

Osage orange drop spindle

Chalice lapbowl cypress

Gaspeite inlay Tibetan support spindle

just go to the “what’s new” section here:

If you are after something custom dyed, carded or woodturner, please let me know! Always happy to enable ! Nothing is too small or…too big 😉

Wishing everybody a wonderful, crafty and happy weekend!

have fun!

big hugs



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