Spin like a Diva

There were a lot of blending and dyeing adventures this week. Safe to say I was a busy bee hopping here there and everywhere and gave myself absolutely no time to do some knitting, so no MKALS have been finished at all. 

It takes a lot of time to keep up with all the ideas i have and it is true that every time I voice my "eureka" moment to Paul, he sits down and very seriously tells me : " everytime you have an idea, it means a lot of work". Of course I cannot argue with that at all...but I can't help myself.

Unfortunately for me, because I create all the things  aka ideas by hand, it means a lot of time. Even, I have to add, if you were to give all those things to a robot or AI, there is absolutely no way in the world that it could churn out the creative and manual process needed to create something like what i do. and you know what? throughout history there have been all kinds of powerful and rich people trying to automate creative processes: weaving, spinning, dyeing and still at this moment in history, creatives (writers, craftspeople, artists) are being "attached" again...and you have to wonder why and you have to wonder if it can be at all successful.

I wonder what your thoughts about all this AI stuff is. As a writer of blogs I was surprised to receive an email from some AI app saying I would now be able to blog using AI with an ooutput of 2000words and 1100 blogs a day.... After the headdesk and contemplatimg how on earth this AI content could be of any value.. I started wondering how many blogs, articles or news we read that is not created by humans. 

I have always been complaining about not having enough time to create but this AI taking over the creative process and output so you can have more time to do other stuff is not the answer...in my humpe opinion. 

Creating words, yarns, stories, cloth, art, wearables and craft is exciting...time consuming but totally and utterly humanly necessary. As soon as you would replace the whole process what are we left with? what would you do instead? what would we be left without creating ? go on a holiday, sleep in? do nothing?  Immediately the scene from Wall-e the movie comes to mind where we are all on a semi cruise ship in space, when our home planet was destroyed, lounging about and not even able to get up out of our lounge chairs...

I say, stay magical, stay creative and critical, be unpredictable and creative. Have an adventure! Make mistakes and discover new things. Create, Spin, Weave and do everything by hand and take all the time you want. 

For this update I give you a freshly blended new blend I called DIVA, a 24 carrot glamour blend with superfine merino, cashmere, Angora bunny and a touch of glitz for some fab sparkle in your life!

Also some new amazing spindle cups and bowls are available ! From Pearlescent glazes to beautiful blue sky crackle glazes. They are a brilliant companion to your support spindles !

Wishing you a wonderful creative weekend ! 

Here's the link to all things NEW and shiny and pretty :


Be you!

Be Magical !

Be a Diva !

Big hugs



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