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A Bunny knitting beside a Xmas tree sitting on top of a bunch of presents

It’s that time of year where I can have a little breather, take up my knitting and spinning, and create new adventures for a new year! All this year’s art journey club productions are done, major shop updates for this year are nearing their end with next Friday, December 23rd being the last blog for this year AND the twelve days of Christmas event is over, shipped and a big donation has been taken care of ♥️
Thanks to all who have enthusiastically shown their support for the IxCHeL 12 days of Christmas fundraiser event, we have been able to donate a pretty substantial amount ! 
We cannot thank you enough ♥️♥️♥️ You are all AMAZING !
Healesville sanctuary donation fundraiser poster
Now, what to do now? After all the hectic excitement??!! And…ALL the Christmas parcel packing of all the orders! 🎁
It’s time to breathe and take stock (Paul is  doing that literally atm) before Some major baking, relaxing, spinning, reading and knitting time off.  Mind you, with the website being there and automated as it is, we decided to keep the shop open. I mean, yarn and fibres and spindles are essential products right? 😉 plus, since we are not exactly going on a holiday anywhere like on a tropical island being brought fancy cocktails with little umbrellas  in them, we might as well be there for all of our super loyal people who have shown us so much support during the last years. We love you all ♥️
There may be some delays shipping when you order now until New year, but that will not be because we are lounging about, but because post offices will close on certain days during the holiday period and Australia Post is not known for its super expedient, super sonic shipping times. If you have any questions, requests or anything else on your mind, we want you to know we are here for you, so send us an email or a message on our social media and we’ll do our best to help and enable.

A word of warning: I will not be dyeing every day and I will not have a dye production going on with a 100kilos a week. My body needs a rest 🤣 
So, what will I be doing? Hmmm, as usual I have a mountain of books I want to read. They’re all waiting, in a huge pile and I’m probably very, very ambitious, again…lol
Finish my knitting …well SOME of my knitting projects! I have a “Kate Davies Pattern Treit” short sleeved treat jumper already (see photo) , but I desperately wanted a long sleeved version, because you know, it’s summer here and I am still wearing a jumper..yesterday it was 5degrees Celsius 🥶 Besides, wearing a hand knitted  jumper is like getting a hugs all day♥️

Lace jumper in bright green nephrite tweed yarn with a enamel badge with a quote saying “Beware for I am fearless & therefore powerful”
I absolutely love the IxCHeL tweed “have fun storming the castle”  so I decided, hey why not! A little quirky inside information here: if I really like something : a pair of shoes, clothing, I get at least two…or more in different colours 🤣

Here is the link to the “have fun storming the castle” yarn:
If you like your coloured tweed speckles a bit less bright, you can also choose Grevillea 

Almost finished 😃
Have fun storming the castle long sleeved jumper hand knitted

So, what’s NEW on the website tonight? The Bearded Dragon aka Paul has been busy ! Super busy! Ther are some amazing drop spindles : Bottom whorl and top whorl spindles with semi precious stone inlay and without plus fabulous Tibetan support spindles ! Looking to gift yourself something special for Christmas , or somebody else? To gift a stone in,any spindle is better than a diamond ring..well, that’s my opinion, but that’s only because I can’t afford a diamond ring and you can’t spin yarn with one of them anyway 😜
Your can find the new spindles in the What’s New section here 
Wood turned spindles with semi precious stone inlay
if you have not signed up for the IxCHeL Art Journey Clubs for the next round of January, February and March 2023 round, please have a look.
There are still batts, yarn and fibre clubs available and sign ups will be open til December 30th or until quotas are reached. So, don’t wait too long ! I will be posting an overview of what the 2022 Art Journey Clubs looked like plus their inspiration artworks on next week’s blog ♥️
Have lots of fun exploring the IxCHeL shop and most of all: crafting and having FUN !
big hugs
Charly & Paul

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