It’s all buzzing here !

It is all happening here : November clubs have shipped just on time before the the overseas Australia post deadlines on November 28th, immediately everything went in overdrive here to get all the 12 days of Christmas and dye lots more fibre for updates and custom orders, plus custom spinning as well. It’s all extremely exciting !
in the meantime I get asked lots of questions, among other things how I decide what colourways to dye or how I combine colours. I that is a hard one because it is all extremely personal. It depends on my mood or state of mind, the light, nature all around me and the amazing wildlife surrounding me. Little things. And all that light and colours all are translated in my brain to create a combination of “all the things”, “all the moods”, “all the experiences”. There is no good or bad way to translate anything how you see it. It’s you, it is your experience and your vision. There are rules that art school teaches you about tonal values and warmth etc but as I have always said, you read the rule book, take it to heart, throw it out and do things anyway. It’s good to know the rules, but it’s even better to flaunt them. You might wind up with something horrible but at the same time you may see that the way you “threw things together” reflects exactly what you saw. It’s personal. And if you’re lucky, the personal will resonate with lots more other people who look at things maybe in the same light as you do. Some others may say it’s hideous, but “beauty is always in the eye of the beholder”. Beauty is never absolute. Beauty is always personal, emotional and subjective. 
theer was a time in the dark days of the last century that people tried to define beauty, attach mathematical rules to it, try to capture it objectively according to their view, but right there is the problem: THEIR view. 
I’m going out on a limb here but I like boobies…no not those ones, although I have to say, I do like them as well…lol that’s a totally other question before I get banned from all social media for “impropriety” as if we were still living in Victorian times…or the “now” where boobies are frowned upon but ak-47 guns and war is thrown onto our retinas as if it was an advertisement for a breakfast cereal. Anyway, I digress…lol. You know em by now, this happens all the time, I veer off the path and then, hopefully, will join the conversation I started with at the beginning..where was I? Lol
oh yeah…boobies 🤣
Yeah, that’s what I mean ! 

December has hit full on, the temperatures are rising here in the Southern Hemisphere, no snow warnings anymore, and Christmas is coming! This also means the TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS event is on again! We are already two days in and two special offers have already been on sale and there are ten more days to go and oh wow!!! Is it going to be super exciting !!
it’s no use telling you that it is beyond hectic here! 
I also have to say that I am a bit under the weather…not physically (I am one of the lucky ones not having had Covid……yet) but my back and hips are killing me and I have lost my best friend…well, not exactly lost, but she moved to the other side of the world and it kinda hit me last night when I had to say goodbye..  I know, I know! It’s just a airplane flight away, but people, I have not gone anywhere in the last three years, not even … well…hardly anywhere.. always,work work work, keeping my head down, doing my thing and probably putting my head in the sand. You know the easy way… i am afraid I am starting to develop a bit of a phobia of going anywhere, so I am going to make some changes in the next year! I am going out there, going places, trying not to be in my bubble and work ALL THE TIME.
I don’t know how it’s going to work, but I will try and see where it takes me. 
The last years have not been easy on anybody. Some have gone through the most traumatic times of their lives. Some have discovered how to adapt. Some have retreated (me, and that’s saying something because ei was a hermit before this whole thing started…lol). But change is sometimes a good thing. Learn something new and …we’ll, maybe be carp at it, but at least try.
Life is short..we may as well have as much fun as we can and put a bit of a challenge in at the same time.

yeah ! Yeah! I see what your doing, mr booby! (Aren’t they the funniest 🤣)
I hope you will be enjoying the 12 days of Christmas event : please follow my posts on Instagram and Facebook and an update every day at 12 pm AEDT  10% of all sales of the 12 days of Christmas event will go to Zoos Victoria Healesville for their amazing effort to save rare breeds and wildlife.
Enjoy tonight’s update!
Here is the link to all the new exciting things here

big hugs

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