Let me "Pinktertain" you !

(Robbie Williams at the AFL Grand Final last Saturday.)

Victoria goes a little bit mad in September : call it the Victorian version of the Super bowl in the USA…
Paul and me are big AFL footy fans (btw: Congratulations to Geelong !!!) and the Grand Final is always something special, not the least because of the entertainment. This year I was especially excited, because Robbie Williams was going to perform. And, what a show it was ! He absolutely rocked a hot pink outfit that kind of embedded in my retinas I guess, because I have been seeing hot pink all over the place ever since…lololol 
I was dyeing heaps and heaps this week to restock the Gothic tops and get some new colour ways added to the mix as well. Guess what? : I HAD to do a hot pink version, because how could I not? Hot pink and black are just out of this world together!!! I called it “let me "Pinktertain" you” referencing the hit by Robbie Williams of course. lol
When I started this whole adventure of mine, it actually started out as me trying to sell my paintings and art works, my line was always “Colour your Spirit”. Colours can do so much: make you happy, calm, sad; they can invigorate you and inspire, take you out of your comfort zone and take you right to a fantasy world. Cut a long story short: Colours have always been super important in my life.
Obviously, it is for a lot of people and industries. There is a huge industry built on colours of the year, new Colour combinations. Fashion, homewares, packaging, marketing : everything gets a do over every year with some things staying the same and others going up and down the trend chart.  Have a close look at advertising and you can see that sometimes certain Colours or combinations will pop up. This is not random.
Sometimes the big Colour “inventing” companies get it wrong: I just have to remember that year when they said that very bright yellow would take over everything. This was obviously not counting on the fact that so many people like yellow but cannot wear it without feeling that bright banana yellow makes them look unwell ….
For 2023 some are saying these colours are going to be super HOT: digital lavender, sundial gold, tranquil blue, verdigris and luscious red. I took on the challenge and decided I would try them together in a new colourway and I called it “Euphoria”.
As you can imagine I have heaps of fun trying different combinations and mix the pigments. What makes it even more fun is that every time it is different: it depends on the yarn, the fibre. Different combinations of fibre will often give you different intensities. 
The outcome on these Gothic tops are spectacular, hot and so effective I hope you are just as excited about these : I am sure that absolutely everybody is going to rock the yarns they spin from these tops. It’s going to be a yarn that POPS and anything you create with these is going to make you look like a Rock Star !

More colour ways of the Gothic Tops on the IxCHeL shop in the what’s new section.
Please click on this link and you will be transported there as by magic : https://ixchel.com.au/collections/whats-new
Tonight is also the last day to sign up for the IxCHeL art Journey clubs. I already had to close down the batt club sign ups,  because the numbers were exploding and I can only do so much.
There are still a few spots in the fibre- and yarn clubs available and you can find them here

Please don't hesitate to contact me at any time if you have any questions okay? Always happy to enable.
Have fun creating your Magic ! 
Big hugs, 

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