Let’s make 2023 amazing ♥️🐰♥️

Year of the rabbit 2023 new year

Happy new year and happy year of the rabbit everybody! Of course for me, being a year of the rabbit baby AND a total fan of rabbits 2023 must mean it’s going to be a good year ♥️ let’s make it a magical and fantastic one !

So, what’s been happening here since the last time I blogged? We’ll both a lot and not a lot I guess…I decided early on that since we were not going anywhere on a holiday, instead of feeling guilty of doing nothing I spaced the “doing nothing” or as they say in Dutch “Niksen” 🤣 …with a bit of a more relaxed working week and weekend (let’s face it I don’t have weekends…lol). 

Book showing a cat relaxing doing nothing Niksen

I did a bit more baking and cooking, including my (in)famous “oliebollen”

and a lot of reading! I have gone through lots of books while spinn8ng yarn or just plain relaxing with a nice drink on the deck overlooking the back garden: lots of natural history books and paleo-anthropology (let’s just call them dinosaurs and the origins of mankind kinda books for short) and then my other favourite ones : historical and historical fiction, because if you don’t have an imagination and learn from the past, what hope is there I always say.

One book that was a total surprise and very entertaining was “the embroidery book” full of history and magic on the side 😉 just a lot of fun with some magic spells thrown in.

Then of course was the work bit I could not do without: the planning of the art journey clubs, dyeing the eco yarns, dyeing fibres for new updates and a lot and a lot of blending and spinning and preparing for updates in early 2023.

Back to  Xmas: two new Xmas decorations were bought because I just could not help myself and now I have to admit they are both hanging in my studio, because I just love them: a doggie dressed as Frida Kahlo and one in a gorgeous picture frame as Vincent Van Gogh ♥️♥️ I mean, who can resist 🤣

In the meantime the January clubs were all prepared, dyed, packed and shipped early this week!  You can find a preview on my Instagram and Facebook page.   
IxCHeL Fibres and Yarns Art Journey Jan 2023 Club Label

I always like to put fabulous artists in the spotlight who have seem to be undervalued or not even mentioned in art history books. That means that there are lots of female artists that will be part of the art journey clubs. Maria van Oosterwijck who painted the most amazing still lives that were sought after by so many royals and influential people in the 1700s.

Maria van Oosterwijck portrait


and a bit of a preview here:

Let’s make this year a fabulous year filled with doing things we love ❤️ 

My wish for you all is to enjoy every single day and create wonderful and imaginative, happy memories. Spinning yarn, knitting, weaving, creating things with our minds and our hands to make ourselves and others happy, that’s what it is all about and I hope that I can help just a little bit this year to put a big smile on your face when you open your parcels. 

Please don’t forget to tag me when you post your creations : I love to see what you make and it is super important to spread the love all over the internet. Word of mouth helps to keep our little fibre farm alive and creatively kicking ♥️

Have lots of fun exploring this weeks update with a fabulous new, freshly blended and dyed batch of super luscious cashmerino silk top, possum and wallaby batts, fragrant Yarra Valley grown French lavender to add to your knitting wear drawer and even some tapestry tools that have been recently added to the website.

a wallaby blend batt 💕

2023 is going to be exciting, creative and fun the IxCHeL way, meaning, sustainable, small and always creative 💕

To see all the new fun stuff, please click here: https://ixchel.com.au/collections/whats-new

If you would like to see what more is going on at the IxCHeL fibre farm, please follow me on Instagram where you can find me as @ixchelbunny

Next Friday there is going to be a blend that I haven’t done for a long, long time PLUS you better put this in your calendar: February is going to be the rare breed month! Some very special and rare breeds are going to be on offer ! 

Big hugs



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