Time to HOP on your wheel !

Tour de fleece 2023 bunny on a bike with yarn balls as wheels

First things first: all the June clubs have been shipped this week ! Yeah! I have added a sneak peek of the carding of the June batt fibres on my Instagram and Facebook accounts, so if you haven’t seen those yet, please have a look.

the sign ups for the next round, the third quarter, starting in July are still open til the end of June, so if you want to re-join or join as a new member, please go to the club sign up pages here: https://ixchel.com.au/collections/clubs

i will start sharing more photos of the June club featuring the fab artwork inspiration “white rabbit and family” from Mirka Mora soon, so keep an eye out on my socials.

After several monster sessions of carding, dyeing, packing the clubs and shipping them to all the members, I have been dyeing more gothic tops to restock recent colourways that sold out but also one new one that I absolutely LOVE: Inkheart.

Here is a photo: 

Gothic top handdyed colourway Inkheart

I just love the dramatic deep indigo blues and teal colours together! Mysterious and inviting at the same time♥️

In between all of this (and more…like prepping new blends, dyeing and custom spinning heaps of fluffy yarns) my brain was telling me to do something extra fun !

It’s an event I totally love and have been doing for over ten years (give or take a few years in between that I didn’t because well, I was so overloaded preparing to go to the Bendigo wool show, I just couldn’t handle that extra work. But, since I’m not going to be at the Bendigo show this year, it means extra time for some cycling…eh…I mean….spinning in the Tour de Fleece !)

Join the IxCHeL TdF team on FB/Instagram before July 1st and get a chance to win plus get awesome discounts !


What is TdF or Tour de Fleece ?

It started yeeeeears ago with a brilliant plan to combine the love for cycling and watching the fabulous Tour de France with spinning yarn! In a way, all yarn spinners are treadling peddles too, which is basically the same action as cycling. Only, we tend to be stationary, creating kilometres of yarn, NOT cycling  kilometres of road…..lolol. So, although we may not use quite as many calories climbing mountain peaks like the champions in the Tour de France, we are definitely treadling a LOT to create yarn !

Btw, you can wear anything you like while participating in the TdF, although you may receive extra points wearing bunny ears 🐰 or a tiara 👑

Goal of the TdF

The goal of the #TdFTeamIxCHeL  is to have lots of fun spinning yarn, while watching the Lycra clad cycling champions on their bikes in the majestic French countryside (even if it’s only five minutes or the replay at a more convenient time for those of you who are not night owls…)

How do I join the IxCHeL TdF team?

You can join the IxCHeL TdF team by

  1. Emailing me at hop@ixchel.com.au , or
  2. DM me on Instagram @ixchelbunny , or
  3. PM me on the IxCHeL Facebook business page here: https://www.facebook.com/IxchelYarnsAndFibres
  4. Post a photo or photos daily (preferably) or as many times as you want (or can) and tag it with #TdFTeamIxCHeL
  5. Follow me on Instagram @ixchelbunny
  6. Every post with tag #TdFTeamIxCHeL on Facebook or Instagram will get you an entry in the final draw of the Team IxCHeL TdF winner on July 24th. The more entries, the more chance you get to win a fabulous fibre prize pack😉

Is there a Deadline for joining the IxCHeL TdF team?

Yes, you have to join before July 1st 2023

What do members of the IxCHeL TdF team get?

Apart from having fibre fun of course 😜 : Everyone who signs up gets a discount code of 10% for their fibre and yarn purchases from June 16th 2023 until July 23rd! (Excluding clubs, tools, Ashford products and dyes). Everybody who joins will receive their discount code by email.

But wait! That’s not all !! At the end of the event, on July 24th an IxCHeL TdF member will be randomly chosen to win a special prize pack worth over $100! The team IxCHeL winner will be announced on the IxCHeL facebook and Instagram page plus will receive a personal email.

What do you have to do to join the fun?

Join the IxCHeL team TdF and post as many photos explaining what you are spinning on Facebook and/or Instagram. You have to spin IxCHeL label fibres and blends.

Are you excited? Well, I am! Ready, Set…..JOIN NOW !

Next week it’s time for something NEW: straight out of the dye pots! A fabulous hand dyed fibre that is amazing to spin ! More about that on the next blog , next Friday !

Have a wonderful weekend! 

Big hugs


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